What is it?

Song data, more commonly called metadata, consist of all the information regarding a track. The most basic information is the main artist, the title of the track, and the product (EP/LP) title. But metadata is much more! It can hold most of the information you could imagine when thinking of a track.
Basically, metadata is all of the information that describes a song.

Why is it important?

Getting Credit
These types of credits are very important for creatives. Being acknowledged for a contribution to a track is how creatives often get their next gig.
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What’s different about playlists and smart speakers?

Today, algorithms are the main way people discover music. And how do algorithms pick songs that “fit” a playlist?
You guessed it, Metadata!

In addition to that, smart speakers are also making it much easier for your fans to ask deeper questions. If your tracks don’t have the right metadata, these questions can’t be answered and you’ll lose opportunities to be discovered.

Capturing all that information about your tracks may seem daunting. That is why we’re building a platform that collects the metadata for you. So you can focus on creating and still be credited for your work!

Universal Music Group and DDEX made a video on why you should care about Metadata.