Create Anywhere. Stay Organized.

Reveel brings the team together, wherever
you are.

With all your communication, files, creator credits &
agreements in one place, manage your creative projects
no matter where you’re working from.

Used by Producers, Songwriters, Musicians and Engineers who work with
Madonna, Dr. Dre, Alicia Keys, Nipsey Hussle, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, and more
"Every artist knows what it’s like to get left out of credits… it stings! What Reveel is doing, by automating credits, will have a huge impact on the livelihood of millions of artists."
Arabian Prince
Founding member of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inducted rap group N.W.A
"I really believe in the project, on the impact it can have on the industry in the area of transparency."
Michael Malih
Produced Madonna, Black Coffee, Sabina Claudio, Macy Gray
"Reveel is an extraordinary idea. It’s the missing piece in an extremely complicated puzzle. It is fantastic to have a technological solution that helps music creators gather all their credits."
Manuel Garrido-Lecca
Produced & mixed Ruben Blades, Nina Mutal, Pedro Guerra
"I love what Reveel is doing! Securing the future of the music business!"
Merc Beatz
Produced P Diddy, Erykah Badu, Busta Rhymes
"I collaborate with artists from all around the world. Reveel is an awesome tool to manage those remote collaborations"
Producer & co-Owner of Elis Records
"As I increasingly work with remote artists, Reveel helps me avoid the fastidious tooling talks, and get straight to doing what I love: making music."
François X
Producer, composer, DJ
"Having a tool that collects the credits of all participants is great! Reveel is giving more transparency to the way we manage the commercial aspect of music production."
Tim Verdesca
Producer, composer, bass player
Manage your Creative Projects
Run all your projects from a single secure platform
Invite collaborators & Communicate
Centralize your communication and never lose information again
Keep your files organized
Link your files to Sessions to keep track of versions and stems
Collect all creator credits
Automaticaly capture enhanced credits & metadata for your tracks
Set up & Share your Creator ID
Your artist profile with all your professional information in one place
get credit for your contribution
Submit your contributions to tracks and never get left out of credits
Take control of your musical career.
Mange your projects & get credit for your work

Whether you are a songwriter, producer, session musician, engineer, main artist, band member… Reveel helps you stay organized & ensures that you get recognition for your work.
You need to be credited, to be found, to be paid.


Make sure that your new catalog is fit for the age of
algorithms and voice technology

In today's voice environment, it's easy to ask "Alexa, play a song with Eric Clapton on the guitar", "Hey Siri, who plays this guitar solo?", "Hey Google, play more songs by this producer"
But are your tracks equipped with the extended creator credits required to maximize fan engagement?

Reveel can help your team:

  • Collect extended metadata for your catalog
  • Ensure that all parties involved in a track are identified
  • Stay informed of your various production projects
  • Save time and release tracks faster
  • Flag potential copyright issues during the creative process
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At Reveel, we’re building a new platform to help creatives deal with the administrative tasks of production, while ensuring that their identity is always associated with their work, so they can be credited and paid.

The company was founded by music, business, and tech professionals, on the realization that in the age of remote collaboration, new tools are necessary to help artists work more efficiently. Additionally, Reveel helps artists ensure that their songs are equipped with deep, accurate, and complete metadata, in order to perform in the digital age of algorithmic playlists and voice searches.

Reveel helps content creators work more efficiently. Our digital workspace makes taking care of business as easy as texting your collaborators.

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